Hikaru no Go
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    Hikaru no Go



    Hikaru Shindo is just a normal 12 year old boy, but one day he's rumaging through his Grandfather's things to see if he can find something to sell and pulls out an old Go board. A ghostly apparation appears out of the board and tells Hikaru his sad story. His name is Sai Fujiwara, a man who was a Go instructor to the emperor of Japan a thousand years ago. However, because of bad sportsmanship of his opponent during a game, Sai was accused of cheating and banished from the city. With no livelihood or any other reason to live, Sai commited suicide by drowning himself. Now, he haunts a Go board, and wants to accomplish the perfect Go game, called the Hand of God which he hopes to do through Hikaru. If Hikaru will be able to do it or not (or even wants to) will have to be seen. (Source: ANN)




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    Hikaru no Go

    1. Hikaru no Go

    2001  (TV)

    Hikaru No Go: Hokuto Hai Eno Michi



    2. Hikaru No Go: Hokuto Hai Eno Michi

    2004  (Special)