Shumatsu no Harem
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    Shumatsu no Harem


    World’s End Harem


    In the year 2040, automation has advanced enough that work is now optional for people living in advanced countries. That hasn't prevented fatal diseases like cellular sclerosis, but hope for a cure within a few years is strong enough that victims can be put into cryosleep until AIs have the answer. Such is the case for Reito Mizuhara, a promising young researcher, but the world that he awakens to five years later is very different from the one he left behind. A rampantly infectious disease that's fatal only to men has swept the globe, leaving only men in cryosleep alive. Of those, only the handful of men who have been treated for cellular sclerosis seem immune to the new plague. Because of that, Reito is now invaluable as a breeder, and he's strongly encouraged to start having sex with as many women as possible in order to pass his immunity on to new male babies. However, he's still hung up on Elisa, the long-time friend he confessed to shortly before going into cryosleep. (Source: ANN)




    Sci-Fi, Ecchi







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