Dorei-ku The Animation
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Dorei-ku The Animation


Drama, Thriller - 2018 (TV)

People have always seen Eia as an emotionally distant person, so shes isolated herself more and more over time, accepting their words as the truth. But when Eia runs into Yuuga Ohta, she finds someone who believes in her abilities and introduces her to a world she never knew existed. Yuuga possesses an “SCM,” a device that allows people to take control of others entirely through participating in SCM duels. While Yuuga simply wants to use these duels to test his own potential, others are happy to use SCMs in order to trick people into becoming their willing slaves. Eias powers of perception may shine in this new and menacing world, but shell soon come to regret learning about the power of SCM. (Source: ANN)

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2017  (TV)

MyAnimeList (user: JiangHaoyi1979)

: Overall- Very Good 8: Well each has their own anime that they like, so to me I like this, it might not be perfect it might have some plot holes in it, but to me it's ok...So to each his own.

Anime-Planet (user: HawkAussie)

: Do I recommend this show to the people that are reading this review? The simple answer to that is no. There are other shows that came out in this season that is worth your time more than this one.

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