Babylon  -  Mystery (TV)

    Zen Seizaki is a prosecutor with the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office. While investigating illegal acts by a certain pharmaceutical company, Seizaki stumbles across a conspiracy over an election for an autonomous new zone established in western Tokyo.

    Bakumatsu: Crisis



    Bakumatsu: Crisis  -  Action (TV)

    The chronometer is a legendary treasure that has the power to manipulate time. The Susanoo Incident unfolded in the capital of Kyoto and ended with the death of the masked shogun, Mugensai. Having finished visiting the grave of his former master, Yoshida Shoin, Takasugi Shinsaku and his partner, Katsura Kogoro, return to Kyoto once again. Suddenly, the earth trembles and the sky splits open, and the chronometer, which was supposed to have been destroyed, appears from a rift in space-time. Now with a will of its own, the chronometer starts going on an uncontrollable rampage.

    Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators



    Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators  -  Sci-Fi, Action (ONA)

    Fight League... the ultimate battle that all fighters shoot for. At this very moment, various brands are holding preliminary battles for the right to participate in Fight League. One of the brands, GGG, is holding the GGG Cup, where fighters use their prized gadgets to win their way to the top. The key to victory is cooperation--

    Mugyutto! Black Clover



    Mugyutto! Black Clover  -  Comedy, Fantasy (ONA)

    In a world where magic is everything, Asta, who is the only person who can't use magic, and the magical genius Yuno go all out to become the Wizard King. This is a spin off of the anime series

    Yubisaki kara Honki no Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi



    Yubisaki kara Honki no Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi  -  Comedy, Romance, Ecchi (TV)

    24-year-old female office worker Ryō Fujihashi's apartment catches fire. Womanizing firefighter Sōma Mizuno, Ryō's childhood friend she never thought of as a romantic partner, saves her from the blaze.

    Fairy gone



    Fairy gone  -  Supernatural, Action, Fantasy (TV)

    Fairies possess and reside within animals, granting them special powers. By surgically removing and transplanting the organs of a possessed animal into a human, humans can partially summon the fairy and use it as a weapon. Eventually, such individuals were used for war, and were called Fairy Soldiers. After a long war, these soldiers lost their purpose, and had to reintegrate into society. Nine years after the end of the war, Maria is a fresh recruit of Dorothea, an organization dedicated to the investigation and suppression of fairy-related crimes and incidents. Even in peacetime, the government is still unstable after the war. Many criminals still have lingering wounds from the previous...(See More)

    The Price of Smiles



    The Price of Smiles  -  Daily Life, Drama, Fantasy (TV)

    On a planet far, far away from Earth, there reigns a kingdom overflowing with smiles. Princess Yuki is twelve years old and beginning to ride the roller coaster of emotions that comes with adolescence. Each day brings with it tears, laughter, and even a little romance. The palace is full of fun, and the vassals who serve her there add color to her life. Seventeen-year-old Stella is a brilliant warrior. Even though she is cool as a cucumber, she never fails to smile. That's because smiling is essential to life. This is a story about two girls born on a distant planet.




    W'z  -  Action (TV)

    Inspired by house music from a young age, Yukiya spends his free time as a DJ for a crowd of one and uploads his videos online. Like any young teenager, he yearns for something greater than his current life. He wants recognition and importance, but breaking out of his comfort zone means he runs the risk of getting hurt, so the cycle continues. That is, until the day he finally crosses the line of no return and live streams a performance that will change his world forever.

    Azur Lane



    Azur Lane  -  Action, Sci-Fi (TV)

    No description yet.

    Hakata Mentai! Pirikarako-chan



    Hakata Mentai! Pirikarako-chan  -  Comedy, Daily Life (TV)

    Hakata Mentai! Pirikarako-chan is set in a mysterious shopping center in a town that is like but also not quite like Hakata. In this setting, a walleye pollack roe fairy named Pirikarakochan rushes about every day trying to ease the worries and solve the rumors of the other food fairies.

    Keishichou Tokumubu Tokushu Kyouakuhan TaisakuShitsu DaiNanaka Tokunana


    It's My Life



    It's My Life  -  Comedy, Fantasy (OVA)

    Astra is a 35-year-old former head of the Imperial Knights. He acquires his own house, retires early, and prepares to live a quiet domestic life. However, on the first day of Astra's retired home life, a young witch named Noa crashes into his home, and forces him to take her as a servant.

    Val x Love



    Val x Love  -  Comedy, Romance, Supernatural (TV)

    High schooler Akutsu Takuma has learned to accept his lonely lot in life and is content surrounded by his studies, but when the god Odin taps him to save the world alongside nine Valkyries fueled by intimacy, Takuma can say good-bye to his solitary existence.

    Kandagawa Jet Girls



    Kandagawa Jet Girls  -  Ecchi (TV)

    No description yet.

    Joshi Kausei



    Joshi Kausei  -  Comedy, Daily Life (TV)

    A silent high school girl anime that's still cute, even if no one talks! This is a story about three girls and their fun high school life, centering around the unfortunate beauty, Momoko, the cool girl with glasses, Shibumi, and the gentle little Mayumi. Fun alone, fun with all. The daily lives of slightly dumb yet cute high school girls.

    Human Lost



    Human Lost  -  Sci-Fi (Movie)

    The year is 2036. A revolution in medical treatment has conquered death by means of internal nanomachines and the “Shell System”, yet only the richest can afford to partake. Yozo Oba isn't the richest. Troubled by strange dreams, he flippantly joins his friend's biker gang on an ill-fated incursion to “The Inside”, where society's elite lives. This instigates a journey of terrifying discovery that will change Yozo's life forever.




    NAMUAMIDABUTSU! -UTENA-  -  Fantasy (TV)

    Long before superheroes, there were legends. One of them begins with Shaka Nyorai, whose bravery and enlightenment once saved humanity forever. But forever is fleeting because Mara, the personification of Earthly desires, forges a corrupt coalition with the devil to bring wrath and vengeance to humanity. To counter Mara's cruel attack, Taishakuten and Bonten must join forces with the Thirteen Buddhas to save humankind in their darkest hour.

    Hulaing Babies



    Hulaing Babies  -  Comedy, Daily Life (ONA)

    No description yet.

    Z/X: Code Reunion



    Z/X: Code Reunion  -  Fantasy, Sci-Fi (TV)

    The signing of a peace treaty has secured a tenuous ceasefire between mankind and the Zex, beings who emerged from space/time rifts connected to mysterious, distant worlds. Partnered with a Zex named Rigel, Azumi Kakamigahara must shoulder the fate of her own idyllic world. The unlikely pair head to newly established Fujimisaki Academy, where their destinies await.

    Kemono Friends 2



    Kemono Friends 2  -  Adventure, Comedy (TV)

    Serval and Caracal find a human child in the forest. As they travel with the child, they meet new Friends, uncover the secrets of Japari Park, and become involved in an event that will shake the earth.

    Isekai Cheat Magician



    Isekai Cheat Magician  -  Fantasy, Adventure (TV)

    Nishimura Taichi is a typical, average high schooler, and Azuma Rin is a beautiful woman with the build of a model and excellent reflexes. The two live a normal high school life until one day they're suddenly enveloped in a mysterious magic circle and transported to an unknown land. That world is full of terrifying monsters, beastmen, dwarves, elves, and many other races right out of fantasy. In order to survive in this new world Taichi and Rin decide to become adventurers, but when they take the aptitude test they discover they both possess cheat level magic.

    Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?



    Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?  -  Fantasy, Comedy (TV)

    Masato Osuki has been unwittingly thrown into an RPG world with his doting mother close behind as part of a secret government scheme. As an avid gamer, Masato is eager to show off his skills but that's hard to do when his mom is an insanely overpowered, dual-wielding, multi-target specialist.

    SD Gundam World: Sangoku Souketsuden



    SD Gundam World: Sangoku Souketsuden  -  Action (ONA)

    A mysterious virus called the Yellow Zombie Virus has been spreading across the land for the past several years, and the infected, who lose their self of self, start attacking Mobile Suits one after the next. In order to protect themselves from the infected, the remaining Mobile Suits are forced to live inside city strongholds. However, behind the fortifications, after the death of the former lord, the lord Dong Zhuo is as domineering as can be. As if led by fate, after meeting Guan Yu Nu Gundam and Zhang Fei God Gundam, Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam resolves to save the world.

    Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth



    Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth  -  Mystery, Romance (TV)

    No description yet.

    Nobunaga Sensei no Osanazuma



    Nobunaga Sensei no Osanazuma  -  Comedy, Romance, Ecchi (TV)

    Nobunaga is a middle school teacher who constantly dreams of an adoring beautiful girl appearing in front of him. One day, Kichō, the 14-year-old wife of the real-life Sengoku (Warring States) period warlord Oda Nobunaga, does appear in front of him after having apparently traveled through time. She mistakes the present-day Nobunaga for the historical Oda Nobunaga, and tries to get him to get her pregnant.

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