Mob Psycho 100 Dai Ikkai Rei to ka Soudansho Ianryokou -Kokoro Mitasu Iyashi no Tabi-



    Mob Psycho 100 Dai Ikkai Rei to ka Soudansho Ianryokou -Kokoro Mitasu Iyashi no Tabi-  -  Comedy, Action, Daily Life (OVA)

    After Serizawa's transition from Claw to Reigen's office, he's nervous about his new position and over prepares for a company trip as part of his couple of weeks on the job. Reigen, Mob, Ritsu, Dimple, and Serizawa head to Ibogami Hot Springs in Zebra Prefecture by train and share mutual excitement for the hot springs. When the train moves through the tunnel towards the prefecture, both Serizawa and Reigen fall asleep and are transported into a parallel world separated from the other three.

    A Certain Scientific Accelerator



    A Certain Scientific Accelerator  -  Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Supernatural (TV)

    After rescuing Last Order and subsequently taking a bullet to the head, Academy City's top-ranked esper rests in the hospital. But Accelerator's recovery is cut short when a mysterious girl carrying a photo of his little clone companion asks for help. Now they're taking on Disciplinary Action an anti-evil coalition whose sinister plans threaten Last Order, Academy City, and even the entire world!

    Dumbbell NanKilo Moteru?



    Dumbbell NanKilo Moteru?  -  Comedy, Ecchi, Daily Life (TV)

    When a friend cruelly calls Hibiki fat it's like a knife stabbed into her heart. The high school girl loves to eat but decides to go on a diet to be absolutely thin by summer vacation, but she doesn't know how to exercise properly on her own. Hibiki finds herself in front of a training gym and joins. Once there, she meets her beautiful and charismatic student council president Akemi Sōryuin and steps into the intense yet enjoyable world of weight-training.

    Endro !



    Endro !  -  Daily Life, Fantasy (TV)

    In the land of Naral Island, a land of magic and swords, humans and monsters live together. Once upon a time, there used to be a terrifying Demon Lord, but long, long ago the first Hero defeated the Demon Lord. The Demon Lord would revive again and again throughout the ages, but every time a Hero would appear to defeat it... Now these young girls attend an Adventurer's Academy to prepare them to defeat the Demon Lord that will one day rise again. This is the beginning of a laid-back fantasy life with no sign of the Demon Lord for these four who hope to become a party of heroes.

    Ore wo Suki na no wa Omae Dake ka yo



    Ore wo Suki na no wa Omae Dake ka yo  -  Comedy, Romance (TV)

    Amatsuyu Kirasagi is invited out alone by the cool beauty upperclassman Cosmos and his childhood friend Himawari. Expecting to hear their confessions, he triumphantly goes to meet each of them in turn. But Cosmos and Himawari both instead confess to Amatsuyu that they like his friend. Amatsuyu fights this lonely battle, but there is another girl who is looking at him. She is a gloomy girl with glasses and braids. Amatsuyu finds that he hates her, because she's always turning her sharp tongue only on him and finding enjoyment in his troubles. But it turns out that she's the only one who actually does like him.

    Hello World



    Hello World  -  Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi (Movie)

    In Kyoto in the year 2027, Naomi Katagaki, a male high school student encounters a person who claiming to be Naomi from 10 years in the future. Together, they must change the future and save a classmate, Ruri, whom the younger Naomi starts to date in three months.

    Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? 2



    Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? 2  -  Adventure, Action, Comedy (TV)

    As Hestia Familia gradually grows in size, Bell must contend with a number of threats from other gods and their familias, including Apollo, Ishtar, and Ares, all while continuing to strive to catch up to his idol Ais.

    Black Fox



    Black Fox  -  Action (Movie)

    Living in a ninja residence tucked away in a corner of a futuristic city is Rikka, the eldest daughter of a Ninja clan, who looks up to her father a researcher very much. Carrying on with her life normally, Rikka's home came suddenly under attack one day. Driven into a corner, what would she do to overcome this crisis? Rip darkness to pieces and become

    Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV



    Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV  -  Sci-Fi, Action (TV)

    After the frontier incident, everyone who knew the circumstances believed the Noise were gone and the pain they caused was at an end. But a new conflict approached unseen. In the Yokohama Harbor Oosan-bashi Pier, a new pattern is detected that is similar to the Noise. A combat group wielding mysterious technology stands in the way of Hibiki and the others. When she hears of this enemy of unprecedented strength, Tsubasa hurries back home from England. But the Symphogear users see no opening to counterattack are forced into a difficult fight. In this situation of extreme disparity, the battle for the song that will end the world begins.

    Date A Live III



    Date A Live III  -  Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi (TV)

    Life has settled down into a calm state for Shido - or at least as calm as he can be when he's juggling the romantic interests of a half-dozen sealed Spirits and one aggressive classmate. Another spatial quake warning sends him out to a ruined amusement park to meet the newest Spirit, the green-haired Natsume, who dresses like a witch and uses magical powers to render AST attackers comically ineffective. Although things go well at first, he inadvertently offends her, and her retribution comes by pretending to be him and trying to ruin his reputation at school. When that effort ultimately gets thwarted by Origami and Tohka, she resorts to a much more involved plan that could result in one of...(See More)

    Totsukuni no Shoujo



    Totsukuni no Shoujo  -  Supernatural (OVA)

    In a world split between the Inside and the Outside, those living in both realms are told never to cross over to the other side, lest they be cursed. A young girl named Shiva lives in a vacant village with a demonic guardian known only as “Teacher.” Although the two are forbidden to touch, they seem to share a bond that transcends their disparate appearances. But when Shiva leaves Teacher's care to seek out her grandmother, the secret behind her mysterious living arrangement comes to light.

    Cencoroll 2



    Cencoroll 2  -  Sci-Fi, Action (Movie)

    A huge monster shows up on the top of a building of an ordinary city, prompting the Defense Forces to go into action and causing the citizens of the city to start an uproar. Yuki, a brave-hearted and naturally inquisitive girl, happens to know a secret. Her friend Tetsu has been keeping and raising a strange creature called Cenco. Instantly becoming fascinated by Tetsu and his pet, a mysterious boy appears with control over the huge monster threatening the town. With that, an unexpected battle begins.

    Uchi no Ko no tame naraba, ore wa moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamoshirenai



    Uchi no Ko no tame naraba, ore wa moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamoshirenai  -  Daily Life, Fantasy (TV)

    Dale is a well-known and highly skilled adventurer despite being so young. One day, he's on a quest and goes deep into the woods and finds a little devil girl named Latina, who is just skin and bones. Latina is branded with the mark of a sinner, but Dale decides he can't just leave Latina there and decides to become her guardian. Thinking to himself,

    Bokura no Nanokakan Sensou



    Bokura no Nanokakan Sensou  -  Comedy, Action, Drama (Movie)

    No description yet.




    STARMYU 3  -  Daily Life (TV)

    Yuta Hoshiya enters Ayana Academy, a school focusing on show business activities, specifically music. The academy has a group of the three students with the highest grades in the musical department, and they are known as the Kao Kai (Cherry Blossom Flower Association). This organization stands at the top of the pecking order within the academy. The shortcut to entering the musical department is to enter the Star Frame class, which is directly taught by the members, and to be recognized by them. Unfortunately, due to their own problems, students Tōru, Kaito, Shō, Shu, and Yuta are all struggling to even remain candidates for the musical department. By a stroke of luck, however, the five are...(See More)

    Lupin III: Goodbye Partner



    Lupin III: Goodbye Partner  -  Adventure, Action, Comedy (Special)

    No description yet.

    Sounan desuka?



    Sounan desuka?  -  Adventure, Comedy, Yuri (TV)

    No shelter, no food, no water... when four girls get shipwrecked on a deserted island, they're in big trouble! ...Or so you'd think, but they're actually doing great! They don't have anything, so they'll make what they need to! They'll eat what they need to! It's a deserted island story of intelligence and courage!

    Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai



    Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai  -  Comedy, Romance (TV)

    Yuiga is a student who is aiming for a scholarship because he comes from a poor family. His school gives him a condition: he can have a recommendation for a scholarship if he tutors his two beautiful classmates to help them get into the schools of their choice. Ogata may be a science genius and Furuhashi a literature prodigy — but Ogata is aiming for a liberal arts school and Furuhashi is aiming for a science school. And they're both clueless outside their fields of expertise.




    Levius  -  Sci-Fi, Action (ONA)

    In an age where devices are powered by steam, technology that fuses bodies to machinery makes cyber-boxing fights immensely popular. A young man named Levius is drawn into these fights through what can only be destiny, but his talents will be what determine his future.

    Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories



    Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories  -  Horror (TV)

    Yamishibai is a picture-story style of animation whose motif is surrounded and based off the rumors, and urban legends throughout the history of Japan.

    Ao-chan Can't Study!



    Ao-chan Can't Study!  -  Comedy, Romance, Ecchi (TV)

    Ao Horie's father, an erotic fiction author, chose Ao's name because A stands for apple and O stands for orgy! Desperate to escape her father's legacy and get into a prestigious university, Ao focuses on school instead of pursuing romance. She has no time for boys, but there's just one problem: Kijima, her handsome classmate, just confessed his love to her! And to make matters worse, she can't stop thinking dirty thoughts about him! Looks like escaping her father's influence will be tough.

    Houkago Saikoro Club



    Houkago Saikoro Club  -  Comedy (TV)

    Aya moves and starts to attend an all-girls high school in Kyoto. Her first friend is her reserved classmate Miki. After school one day, the committee chairwoman Midori takes them both to an analogue game specialty shop called Saikoro Club (Dice Club). There, they start playing a German board game without thinking. Thus begins Aya and Miki's search for fun through the world of analogue games.

    Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion: Mirai Kara Shinsoku no ALFA-X Movie



    Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion: Mirai Kara Shinsoku no ALFA-X Movie  -  Sci-Fi, Action (Movie)

    Hayato Hayasugi, the train-loving son of a train museum curator, accidentally stumbles into his dad's secret research lab one day. Inside he finds the E5 bullet train. As soon as he enters, he hears an announcement that a mysterious enemy, the Bachigami, is attacking the city of New Saitama. Luckily, with the touch of his father's Shinca card, the bullet train he's in transforms into a mighty robot — the Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa. Hayato and other children will serve as conductors to pilot the Shinkalion. The children must work together with the adults of the Shinkansen Ultra Evolution Institute (SUEI) to defeat a monster that looks like a jet black bullet train.

    Meiji Tokyo Renka



    Meiji Tokyo Renka  -  Romance, Supernatural, Harem (TV)

    On the night of a crimson full moon, high school girl Ayazuki Mei enters into a box. When she awakens, she's in Tokyo during the Meiji Period! The lost and confused Mei is taken to the Rokumeikan, a lavish ballroom full of powerful high officials. In this world, during the

    Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!



    Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!  -  Comedy, Fantasy (TV)

    When she turns ten years old, Adele von Ascham is hit with a horrible headache-and memories of her previous life as an eighteen-year-old Japanese girl named Misato Kurihara. That life changed abruptly, however, when Misato died trying to aid a little girl and met god. During that meeting, she made an odd request and asked for average abilities in her next life. But few things-especially wishes-ever go quite as planned.

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