Night Wizard The Animation



    Night Wizard The Animation  -  Adventure, Comedy, Drama (TV)

    Night Wizard. A term given to those whose mission is to protect the world from impending darkness. Renji Hiiragi is one such Night Wizard, who is constantly called on missions, even though all he wants is to be able to go to school and graduate. However, his latest order was to protect Elis Shiho, who is a new transfer student at his academy. Being dragged into the Astronomy Club by Renji's childhood friend, Kureha Akabane on her first day at school, Elis soon realises that she too, has the power to become a night wizard, after possessing one of seven secret Jewels, the Jewel of Kindness. Along with Renji and Kureha, Elis now begins her fight and her new life, as a Night Wizard

    Tai Chi Chasers



    Tai Chi Chasers  -  Fantasy, Adventure (TV)

    Rai, a young orphan, is shocked to discover he's a secret descendent of the Tigeroids: an ancient race of peaceful beings locked in struggle with the ruthless Dragonoids. In a parallel universe called Suhn, the Tigeroids and Dragonoids are locked in an age-old race to recover 500 lost tai chi symbols. Whoever recovers these precious and potent symbols will possess the ultimate power to rule their realm…and destroy their enemies. Rai must now hone his innate tai chi card skills to fight the Dragonoids, find the lost symbols and battle to become one of the champion Tai Chi Chasers.

    Tsuma to Mama to Boin



    Tsuma to Mama to Boin  -  Ecchi, Drama (OVA)

    A series of vignettes (sex scenes) about each of the characters, all of whom have something in common—their large busts and the men they like. However, what is more important is that they share the wish to become mothers, some because they feel lonely, others because they want a child for whom to care, but in the end they will accomplish their desire no matter what.

    Kodomo no Jikan



    Kodomo no Jikan  -  Comedy, Drama, Ecchi (TV)

    This is the story of the surprisingly tangled loves of three elementary school girls. Kokonoe Rin, old beyond her years, is extrovert and energetic, and has a crush on her teacher, Aoki-sensei. Nor is she the slightest bit reticent about showing it, with embarassing explicitness. Her friends, Kuro and Mimi, likewise have love in their hearts, though they are less willing to display it.

    Tetsuko no Tabi



    Tetsuko no Tabi  -  Comedy, Daily Life (TV)

    Kikuchi Naoe is a struggling manga artist in need of work. She lucks out when she runs into a travel writer and is asked to tag along. He turns out to be Yokomi Hirohiko, the Japan's biggest train enthusiast. In 1995, he visited all 4636 JR train stations. Now he is going to visit the remaining 5207 private stations. Kikuchi, despite her inital horror at her task, is stuck, as her boss is a huge train geek too. Thus, having few other options, she resigns herself to trying it out and henceforth accompanies Yokomi on his journey around Japan. [This series is non-fictional ]

    Venus Versus Virus



    Venus Versus Virus  -  Drama, Supernatural, Romance (TV)

    Venus Versus Virus revolves around the life of a young girl named Sumire Takahana who has had the power to see ghosts since she was a small child, though no one believes her. One night while running to her dorm building to make curfew, a broach flies out of no where and she pricks her finger on it and sees a demon. Suddenly, another girl clad in gothic lolita clothing arrives bearing a huge gun and kills the demon. Once the ordeal is overwith, the girl gives Sumire a flier for a local clothing store, Venus Vanguard. When Sumire comes to the store, the girl, whose name is Lucia Nabashi, she explains to her that because she pricked her finger on Lucia's broach, Sumire now has the power to see...(See More)

    Shuffle! Memories



    Shuffle! Memories  -  Comedy, Drama, Fantasy (TV)

    No description yet.

    Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan



    Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan  -  Comedy, Ecchi, Magic (OVA)

    No description yet.

    Dorei Maid Princess OVA



    Dorei Maid Princess OVA  -  Ecchi, Fantasy (OVA)

    No description yet.

    Saint October



    Saint October  -  Adventure, Action, Fantasy (TV)

    During a case to catch a mysterious masked kidnapper who has been kidnapping young boys for a strange man, Kotono Hayama is working harder during this case. One night after returning home late alone, Kotono runs into a young boy who's crying alone. With no where else to take him, Kotono brings him back to her home at Joshuna's church where it is discovered that he has amnesia and cannot remember even his own name. While there, Natsuki Shirafuji, Kotono's friend and fellow detective, arrives to add further information to the kidnapping case. Suddenly, the masked kidnapper appears and successfully kidnaps the boy, but Kotono chases after him and gets the boy back after a short scuffle. Just...(See More)




    Ayakashi  -  Fantasy, Horror, Adventure (TV)

    Adapted from the 2005 adults-only superhuman battle action visual novel game Ayakashi. Ayakashi is a parasite life force that gives superpowers to its host, taking in return the host's entire life force. Kusaka Yuu is a student that lost his will to live after the death of a dear childhood friend, until the day a mysterious girl, named Yoake Eimu, appears. From that moment on, his life would never be the same again. Hunted by Ayakashi and their hosts, the power within Yuu awakens and a never ending battle begins.

    Prism Ark



    Prism Ark  -  Comedy, Fantasy, Drama (TV)

    The Sablum Empire has been attempting to take over the kingdom of Windland for many years, and are now plotting with the mercenaries Sister Hell and Darkness Knight to start a new offensive using powerful magical beings called Angels. Hyaweh, a carefree yet talented swordsman, and Priecia, who just might be the lost princess of Windland, are enrolled at the Knight's Academy in Windland to hone their skill at swords and sorcery. There they meet many friends and allies who can help them protect their homeland from the impending invasion.

    Zou no Senaka -Tabidatsu Hi-



    Zou no Senaka -Tabidatsu Hi-  -  Drama, Daily Life (OVA)

    When an elephant father learns that heaven awaits him, he decides to spend his remaining time with family. As his family copes with his death, they cherish the memories left behind.

    Tokubetsu Byoutou



    Tokubetsu Byoutou  -  Ecchi (OVA)

    A female medical investigator is developing a drug that can potence the posibility of an impotent female or male to procreate. But the true reason is that she is an hermaphrodite (dual sex) but her both sexual organs are impotent an unable to procreate. So she develops that drug, making two version, the blue one for males and the red for females. But as any new medicine she must try it out first, there is when her nurse assistants became useful and then she must analyse each reaction in each subject, including herself, expecting some interesting outcomes.

    Touka Gettan



    Touka Gettan  -  Drama, Romance, Supernatural (TV)

    Touka Gettan is set in the land of Kamitsumihara, where traces of magic and legend can still be seen. The land has been under the protection of the Kamiazuma clan since it was founded. The story revolves around Tōka Kamiazuma, the main protagonist, and his encounter with a young girl named Momoka Kawakabe who comes to stay with the clan. Their meeting sets off a chain of events that will bring an ancient legend to life.

    Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Toki no Tankentai, Yami no Tankentai



    Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Toki no Tankentai, Yami no Tankentai  -  Adventure, Fantasy (Special)

    A Chimchar meets a Piplup with its head stuck in the sand. As it turns out, this Piplup was once a human, with no recollection of how it happened. Chimchar suggests that they head to the Wigglytuff guild to seek an answer. Here, Wigglytuff assigns them to be Pokemon Explorers. For their first mission, they have to head into the Labyrinth Cave in order to find a Gabite Scale for a sick Shinx. With a Sunflora tagging along, they head into the dangerous cave.

    Getsumen to Heiki Mina



    Getsumen to Heiki Mina  -  Comedy, Sci-Fi, Magic (TV)

    After establishing contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, it was found that humans were the only race to develop various sports. The number of alien sports fans grew dramatically, and the most fanatic of them regularly harass stadiums for taking part in a game, or demanding a good show, etc. Finally a treaty was settled, ruling all interferences towards other planets cultures illegal. Rabbit Force, a group of rabbit-themed henshin girls, became responsible for enforcing the treaty and capturing any offenders.




    Choisuji  -  Ecchi (OVA)

    Two stories, one about a little and innocent girl thats being lectured by her teacher but with a hand-pet since she gives more attention to what it says than to the teacher itself, so the teacher decides to get advantage of that point and introduce the little girl to adult matters. And the second about two friends that attend to a doctor to get some examinations but in order to give a test they must also get introduced into adult love.

    Highlander: The Search for Vengeance



    Highlander: The Search for Vengeance  -  Sci-Fi, Action, Horror (Movie)

    Colin MacLeod, the immortal Scottish Highlander, travels with the wise-cracking ghost Amergan in search of the immortal despot Marcus Octavius, who killed Colin's lover on the Celtic plains centuries earlier. The once great city of New York is now submerged under water, with only one dominant fortress towering over the sea, the fortress of Marcus Octavius. MacLeod is torn between saving the survivors of New York and hunting down his nemesis.

    Shin SOS Dai Tokyo Tankentai



    Shin SOS Dai Tokyo Tankentai  -  Adventure (Movie)

    While packing for a move, elementary school student Ryuhei finds his father's old school notebook detailing a search for a treasure in Tokyo's vast network of underground passages. With his little brother tagging along, he and three friends from an online chat room gather and set out on a quest to find the treasure. What they discover instead is an entire underground community composed of assorted eccentrics, including a senile old soldier still performing a World War II-era mission.

    Saint Beast: Kouin Jojishi Tenshi Tan



    Saint Beast: Kouin Jojishi Tenshi Tan  -  Fantasy, Yaoi (TV)

    Six Angels are chosen by Zeus to be the Saint Beasts who travel to earth and stop disasters on earth. But the disasters may not be the result of demons and animals but from someone else. At the same time the once peaceful heaven starts to change with only a few noticing the evil lurking in the shadows.

    Kouchuu Ouja Mushiking Super Battle Movie: Yami no Kaizou Kouchuu



    Kouchuu Ouja Mushiking Super Battle Movie: Yami no Kaizou Kouchuu  -  Adventure, Fantasy, Magic (Movie)

    No description yet.

    Dead Girls



    Dead Girls  -  Mystery (OVA)

    It's the future of New York. Kate, Rose, Rachel, and Claire lead the normal school life and a new transfer student comes... The transfer student, Louis wants to be friends with Kate. However, something happens to Red Garden. What is the truth behind this and the real purpose.

    Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o Youkoso Tsugumi Ryouhe



    Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o Youkoso Tsugumi Ryouhe  -  Drama, Romance (TV)

    One morning, Wataru Hoshino found a sleeping girl - in nothing but her underwear - in his room. When she woke up, she quickly escaped by jumping out of the window, but not without punching Wataru in the face first. This girl, Rinna Sawaki, ends up being a transfer student of Wataru's school, as well as the new roommate of Wataru's dormitory. Wataru lives with four other girls and their school teacher, but due to Temizugawa Heavy Industry's cancellation of their aviation branch - South Sakojima Island's major company - the families involved with the corporation have to be evacuated in one year. As a result of this, the four girls have to leave the island in one year's time. Knowing this,...(See More)

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