Pani Poni Dash!



    Pani Poni Dash!  -  Comedy (TV)

    The 11 year old Miyamoto Rebecca becomes the new teacher of a classroom which is full of weirdos. Despite her cute looks she's a little beast and can be pretty sarcastic and offensive. The school is not safe anymore now that she's in charge of a class and her students, Himeko, Ichijou, Rei and a white rabbit who took a liking to Rebecca help her to rough up the school and the neighbour-class with its teacher ojiichan.




    Kamichu!  -  Comedy, Daily Life, Drama (TV)

    Yurie Hitotsubashi was just an average middle school student living in the city of Onomichi on Japan's Inland Sea in the easygoing times of the 1980s. She spent her days worrying about exams and trying to get Kenji, the clueless boy she likes, to notice her. Then during lunch one day she suddenly announces to her friend Mitsue that the night before she had become a goddess. Their classmate Matsuri quickly latches on to Yurie's newfound divinity as a way to promote her family's bankrupt Shinto shrine. She hopes that replacing their hapless local god, Yashima-sama, with Yurie will make the shrine more popular (and profitable). Now, with Matsuri as her manager, Yurie has to grant wishes, cure...(See More)

    Black Cat



    Black Cat  -  Comedy, Adventure, Drama (TV)

    A.V.E. EditionThis Black Cat complete series set contains episodes 1-24.Sven is your run-of-the-mill sweeper (a.k.a. bounty hunter) - down on his luck, haunted by the perpetual grumbling of his stomach and looking to make enough cash just to get by. When a damsel in distress enlists his aid, Sven crosses paths with the worst possible luck: Black Cat (a.k.a. Train Heartnet). At odds now with the branded assassin, Sven seeks to save a young girl before the unlucky Number can carry out his mission.

    The Snow Queen



    The Snow Queen  -  Adventure, Fantasy, Drama (TV)

    Kai and Gerda are very dear friends who have been living together since young. However, one wintry day, the Snow Queen appears stirring up snow and wind, and a sliver of mirror gets lodged into Kai's heart. Kai drives Gerda away in tears and the Snow Queen takes Kai away to her realm. The adults try to dissuade Gerda from pursuing Kai, saying that he is already dead. But determined to find Kai, Gerda set off on her own journey which is filled with trials and tribulations.

    Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter - Inferno



    Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter - Inferno  -  Adventure, Action, Fantasy (OVA)

    Seiya and the rest of the Bronze and Gold Saints who have survived the Sanctuary battle have entered the world of the Dead. They are fighting to get to Hades and defeat him.




    GUNxSWORD  -  Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi (TV)

    At the bottom of the universe, on the planet named Endless Illusion, a man adorned in a tuxedo has scoured the wild lands... to finally accost the clawed man responsible for the murder of his bride. Outnumbered and outgunned, Ray, Pricilla, Carmen99, Joshua, and the Eldora Four make their last stand at the Claw

    Mahoraba Heartful days



    Mahoraba Heartful days  -  Comedy, Romance, Drama (TV)

    Shiratori Ryuushi is a young artist-in-training, about to start studying at a vocational school. Arriving at his new lodgings, Narutakisou, he finds himself the focus of attention for the collection of weirdos that inhabit the place. He also meets and falls for the landlady, Aoba Kozue, who seems to be both lovely and charming. However, Kozue is not what she seems to be... in fact, she's more.

    Aa Megami-sama



    Aa Megami-sama  -  Comedy, Romance, Supernatural (TV)

    Keiichi Morisato is looking forward to university life. But in reality, he has no luck in anything, and he has trouble with clubs, love, etc. The truth is that he has an unlucky star above his head. One day, Keiichi is stuck watching the dorm while his sempai are away, and has a mountain of chores to do to boot. But Keiichi is a good-natured person, and is set about doing his duties. As he is about to finish his final chore, he makes a phone call to his sempai. But the words that came through the receiver are, Goddess Help Line. Shortly afterwards, a beautiful goddess named Belldandy appears in front of him from the mirror of his room.




    Basilisk  -  Romance, Action, Supernatural (TV)

    Pitted one against the other in a deadly fight for Shogun, the terms have been set. Two lists seal their destinies, two lists from which as name can only be crossed out in blood. No mercy will be spared to the enemy.Contains episodes 9-12:FarewellDivine MandateOn Their OwnRemembranceDVD Features: Japanese Extra Features, Textless Songs, Trailers.

    The Law of Ueki



    The Law of Ueki  -  Adventure, Action, Comedy (TV)

    Kousuke Ueki, a student of the Hinokuni Junior High School, is picked by a God Candidate, Koba-sen, to participate in a competition where people battle out to become God and only the strongest will prevail. Embodied with the ability to turn garbage into trees, Kousuke will be joining in the battle against other junior high school students in this selection. This sets the premise for the earth-friendly battle where the students will pit their powers against the rest.

    Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE



    Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE  -  Adventure, Fantasy, Romance (TV)

    Syaoran, a boy who wants to become an archeologist, and Sakura, a princess from the Clow Kingdom, are childhood friends with a close relationship. On a fateful night, Sakura lost all her memories as a result of a conspiracy to obtain her powers. In order to regain her memory, Syaoran seeks help from the witch, Yuuko. Yuuko tells Syaoran that he has to travel from one alternate reality to another to collect fragments of Sakura's memory. However, even if Sakura regains her memory, she will have no recollection of Syaoran. Travelling together with them is Kurogane, a warrior who was exiled from his country, and Fye, a magician who wants to escape from his King. With the help of a magical...(See More)

    Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Final Plus: The Chosen Future



    Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Final Plus: The Chosen Future  -  Drama, Sci-Fi, Action (OVA)

    A reiteration of the final episode of Gundam Seed Destiny where a massive fight ensues over the future of Orb and mankind's right to choose what destiny they lead.

    Shakugan no Shana



    Shakugan no Shana  -  Drama, Action, Romance (TV)

    Sakai Yuuji, a high school student who expected his normal life to last forever, is dead. When he was on his way home he witnessed a shocking view as the world suddenly froze: people were engulfed by blue flames and a monster resembling a large doll swallowed them. Just as the monster prepared to consume Yuuji, a sword-wielding girl in black attire with flaming red eyes and hair that burns like embers saved him from the monster. The girl called herself a Flame Haze who hunts the Guze no Tomogara, creatures from another world. As Yuuji noticed a blue flame in his chest, she called him a Torch, a temporary replacement, saying that the real Yuuji's existence had already ended. Unfazed, Yuuji...(See More)

    Kiniro no Corda primo passo



    Kiniro no Corda primo passo  -  Comedy, Drama, Romance (TV)

    Hino goes to a school that specialises in music and has two streams: the normal stream and the music stream, where the music students are regarded as the more elite. She was running late for her class one day when she saw a tiny fairy, who seemed really excited that she could see it. The next day, the entrants in the music competition, who are decided by the school, are announced. Hino's name appears on the list - except she doesn't play an instrument. The fairy gives her a magical violin that can be played by anyone. Reluctantly, she enters into the competition and is forced to deal with the prejudices of her peers.

    Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu



    Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu  -  Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi (OVA)

    Asaba Naoyuki is an ordinary high school student. As a member of his school's press club, he's just spent the summer camping outside the local military base, in hopes of seeing the UFOs that are secretly kept there, according to local legend. Returning to school, he meets a strange girl, Iriya Kana, and gradually comes to realize that she is more than merely strange - and that a dark secret lies beneath the world that he knows.

    Air in Summer



    Air in Summer  -  Drama, Romance, Supernatural (Special)

    Air in Summer is an elaboration of the Summer Arc in the anime series where Kanna, Ryuuya and Uraha goes on a journey to find Kanna's mother. It shows more events (such as running away from pursurers) that happened along the way while keeping most of the original scenes intact.

    Trinity Blood



    Trinity Blood  -  Supernatural, Action, Horror (TV)

    But there are those who endeavor to bridge the chasm between the Vatican and the Empire, between the humans and the vampires. When the great threat emerges, the enemy of my enemy is my friend... And Abel Nightroad seeks a safe path for all.Contains episodes 9-12:Overcount 1: The Belfry of DownfallOvercount 2: Lucifer

    Hotori Tada Saiwai o Koinegau Special



    Hotori Tada Saiwai o Koinegau Special  -  Drama, Sci-Fi (Special)

    At the Personality Plant, robots are being built and slowly outfitted with the artificial memories of real people. Suzu is one such robot, being made to replace the young boy a family has lost. By chance, he meets Hitori, a young girl suffering from progressive memory loss. The two children become friends and attempt to define themselves in the light of their changing memories.

    Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki: Final Confrontations



    Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki: Final Confrontations  -  Comedy, Harem, Sci-Fi (OVA)

    After a modified ending to the Choubimaru incident, the punishments for the offending parties is metted-out, as well as a surprise marriage proposal by Misao to Mashisu. It almost didn't happen... until Mihoshi and Misao's mother Mitoto steps in and gives her and her family's approval, much to the dismay of FORMER G.P. Marshall Minami Kuramitsu. Otherwise, life goes on as usual for the Masaki clan. But soon when the question of how Tenchi's mother had died is presented, the answer nearly causes a rift between Tenchi, his father and his grandfather, for which only Tenchi's future mother-in-law Rea can solve... as well as the resolution of Noike's unusual secret.

    Yuusha-Oh GaoGaiGar Final Grand Glorious Gathering



    Yuusha-Oh GaoGaiGar Final Grand Glorious Gathering  -  Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure (TV)

    When the brilliant Professor Akiko Hirata develops a gravity control system, the Zonders take control of it. To stop them, Gai must be mobilized with the Goldion Hammer. But the Hammer is so powerful, just wielding it is enough to destroy GaoGaiGar!In response, GGG creates a new AI robot with invulnerable armor, Goldymarg. Booted up with Hyuma

    Detective Conan: Conan vs Kid - SHARK & JEWEL - Movie



    Detective Conan: Conan vs Kid - SHARK & JEWEL - Movie  -  Adventure, Comedy, Mystery (Movie)

    No description yet.

    Damekko Doubutsu



    Damekko Doubutsu  -  Comedy, Daily Life (TV)

    Uruno, a useless wolf, is on the road searching for a new place to call home. He soon comes upon a whole forest full of useless animals-- that is, animals that don't live up to their species usual character. After a short fight with the smoking, bad-tempered rabbit, Usahara, Uruno decides that he wants to move on... but changes his mind upon meeting Chiiko, a clumsy cheetah girl. It's love at first sight for Uruno, and after deciding to stay for her, he continues to hope that even though he's a good-for-nothing, he'll win her over someday. That is, if living with the other strange residents of the forest-- including the aformentioned smoking rabbit, a sake-drinking unicorn, a near-sighted...(See More)

    Peach Girl



    Peach Girl  -  Drama, Romance, Daily Life (TV)

    Peach Girl is about an average high school girl, Momo Adachi, who everyone thinks is a beach bunny / slut because of her tanned skin. The actual reason she is so tanned is because she was on the swim team and tans very easily. She likes a boy, Toji, who she heard only likes non-tanned girls. This causes her to question who she is and have low self esteem. She spends a lot of time trying to remake herself into the girl she believes he wants. However, she has a friend, Sae, who likes to go behind Momo's back and make her life terrible, mostly by trying to take Toji away from her. All the while there's another boy, Kairi, who is in love with Momo.

    Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program



    Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program  -  Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi (Movie)

    The Dematerialization Phenomenon, in which the real world becomes digital, has become a problem and must be resolved immediately. After hearing of this incident, Netto and Rockman left off after their father and Network Researcher, Yuuichirou. He also had found news of an invasion in the computer of the Trinity Brain trust company: The Earth itself will understand the way things stand in the cyber world'. In order to destroy the program causing the incident, Netto and Rockman have to go deep underground. But old enemies await them there, as well as new ones. As they fought each other, the vicious cyber-life, Nebula Grey, awakens. The Dematerialization Phenomenon will not be stopped unless...(See More)

    Air Movie



    Air Movie  -  Drama, Romance, Supernatural (Movie)

    A.V.E. EditionThis Air TV series set contains episodes 1-12 plus the 2-part Air in Summer OVA special.Yukito is a travelling performer. He moves through this world with only the clothes on his back - driven onward by stories of

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