Hajimari no Boukenshatachi Legend of Crystania



    Hajimari no Boukenshatachi Legend of Crystania  -  Fantasy, Action, Adventure (Movie)

    Ashram, desperate to find a home for his people, is tricked into selling his soul. 300 years later, Pirotesse's devotion to her king remains unshaken. In the sacred world of Crystania, amidst a civil war waged by shape-changing warriors, she searches for her beloved Ashram. She meets Redon, a young prince obsessed with avenging his murdered parents. Together, they confront Ashram's captor—the bloodthirsty Barbas, who aspires to rule Crystania as The God's King.

    Megami Paradise



    Megami Paradise  -  Adventure, Fantasy, Ecchi (OVA)

    To preserve the peaceful times of Paradise, the Astrostar must be cleansed by the Mamamega. This person is defended by her shrine maidens. Lilith has been selected to be a shrine maiden, and is given the task to select the other two. This goes awry when the young girl Rurubell wants to become one and others work from the shadows to sabotage both the cleansing and the coronation ceremony.

    Battle Skipper



    Battle Skipper  -  Comedy, Sci-Fi, Action (OVA)

    Three newcomers join the Etiquette club rather than the popular Debutante Club and soon discover its members are part of a secret task force called Exters. Fan service is a predominated feature in the transformation sequence.

    Mirai Chouju Fobia



    Mirai Chouju Fobia  -  Ecchi, Horror (OVA)

    No description yet.

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