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Super Seisyun Brothers

Super Seisyun Brothers

Comedy, Daily Life, Romance - 2013 (TV)
Ranking: 1842

The Shinmoto twins Chiko and her younger bother Chika often hang out with and their close friends, the Saitou twins Mako and her younger brother Mao. Chiko is a university student, Mako is a part timer at a cafe while both Chika and Mao are high school students. Each one of the four has a unique personality. This is an anime about their daily lives. (Source: ANN)



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This is a very cute show that is easy going and can replace any emotion with a smile. This will probably be my to go anime when I finished a sad series or feeling down, since this series is very light hearted. - MyAnimeList (Zelot)


Would have made a nice story if there was a plot, but is dissappinting as a 4 min episode. Only episode I laughed at was 7. - Anime-Planet (marodd1001)



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