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Uchouten Kazoku 2

Uchouten Kazoku 2

AKA: The Eccentric Family 2
Comedy, Daily Life, Drama - 2017 (TV)

The election of the next Trick Magister may have been postponed, but that doesnt mean things are settling down in Kyoto. Yaichiros passion for public service has him reinstating a shogi tournament his father once established, while Yashiro is still working at the family factory. Yasaburo would like to sit back and spend some time indulging his passion for tsuchinoko hunting, but it seems fate has other plans. The return of Akadama-senseis son Nidaime soon upsets the balance of power in Kyoto, and with Yasaburo acting as the go-between for father and son, it seems likely hell get caught in the crossfire. With Akadamas original student now fighting for territory, who knows what will happen once Benten gets back in town. (Source: ANN)








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