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Yowamushi Pedal

Yowamushi Pedal

Comedy, Daily Life, Shounen - 2013 (TV)
Ranking: 312

Initially, when a fourth grade Sakamichi Onoda started biking to Akihabara every week, it was an effort to save money. After all, why ride the train when you can spend the money on anime capsule toys? Continuing the trend all the way into high school, Sakamichi never thought anything of that 90-kilometer round trip. He was much too distraught over the disbanded anime club to notice that it was more than unusual that he could climb a 20% incline slope while riding a mommy bike.But a junior pro cyclist Shunsuke Imaizumi noticed. Driven by a need to improve his own skills, Shunsuke challenges Sakamichi to a race. While the outcome might seem obvious, there&apos. (Source: Right Stuf Anime)

Sequel: Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation (TV) 2017



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Yowamushi Pedal is first and foremost an inspirational story of the weak surpassing the odds and triumphing over the strong. It will not leave you with something you haven't already seen before, and while it is most certainly not deep or philosophical, it excels at doing what matters most: leaving a smile on the viewer's face. - MyAnimeList (Veronin)


However, even with 38 episodes, it doesn't finish the main race (The Inter High), it covers the first day and about 98% of the second day. The rest is all in Grande Road, so the first season leaves you unsatisfied unless you go right out and start Grande Road right after. - Anime-Planet (swagmaster420)



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