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Kingdom 2

Kingdom 2

Historical, Action, Drama - 2013 (TV)
Ranking: 248

One year has passed since Xin and his allies successfully returned Zheng to his place on the throne. Now, the Kingdom of Qin must turn its attention to a larger battlefield and a loftier goal - uniting all of China under one ruler.With a scrappy squadron of 300 men at his command, Xin begins to rank up achievements on the battlefield as he gets another step closer to becoming the worlds greatest general - but hes not the only one. As the war between the Kingdoms of Qin and Wei intensifies, he meets two other young squad commanders whose skills rival his own.While Xin struggles to stay one step ahead of the competition, Zheng begins fighting his own war against political enemies whove appeared within the castle walls. Will the young King be able to keep hold of his throne, or is history doomed to repeat itself? Find out in season two of Kingdom!. (Source: Right Stuf Anime)

Prequel: Kingdom (TV) 2012



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The saying goes “Third time’s the charm”, a third coming is still unannounced, but if it can provide the intensity of the first season and retain the aesthetics of the second, then very little will stop it from being a masterpiece. - MyAnimeList (Zee530)


On the other hand the second season happened almost imediately after the first season and now it's been a couple years. Not to mention this is from the same studio as Yona of the Dawn which was supposed to have a second season and there hasn't been a word about it outside of groundless rumors so I guess I shouldn't hold my breath. - Anime-Planet (PurplePeopleEater)



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