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Kiniro Mosaic

Kiniro Mosaic

Comedy, Daily Life, Shoujo-Ai - 2013 (TV)
Ranking: 1177

The British are coming! The British are coming! Or to be precise, one very specific person from Great Britain is coming. You see, when Shinobu Omiya was still in middle school, she had the amazing opportunity to study in England as an exchange student while living with a host family. While that was several years ago and she still doesn&apos. (Source: Right Stuf Anime)



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If you enjoy the genre and temper your expectations, you will likely be captivated by this sweet, charming show. - MyAnimeList (GBKeroberos)


Enjoyment/Overall: This anime was pretty enjoyable, I usually score anime high so if you are into anime as much as me I would take like 2 points off to get it to a reasonable score, as you can tell my biggest problem with the anime was the continuous use of bad English throughout it but other than that it was just another slice of life which means in lay-man's terms "It doesn't really matter what happened in the anime, the fact is it happened and it's not the end of the world if it didn't work out." - Anime-Planet (animeno)





1. Kiniro Mosaic: Pretty Days (Special)



2. Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic (TV)



3. Kiniro Mosaic (TV)



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