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Free! Take Your Marks Movie

Free! Take Your Marks Movie

2017 (Movie)

Haruka visits Tokyo to look for a place to live for when he starts his college life there next month. Coach Sasabe recommended a real estate agent to Haruka, but when he arrives at the agents office, he meets an unexpected character. Aiichirō and Momotarō are considering what to give Rin and Sōsuke as a graduation present. As they try to think of something that might surprise Rin and Sōsuke, Momotarō wins a premium lottery. The Iwatobi High School Swim Club members plan a surprise party to say goodbye to Rin before he goes to Australia. But Rin happens to see Gou and Momotarō as they run errands together all around town for the party. (Source: ANN)








1. Free! Take Your Marks Movie (Movie)



2. Free! Eternal Summer (TV)



3. Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club (TV)



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