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Maria-sama ga Miteru

Maria-sama ga Miteru

AKA: Maria Watches Over Us 3rd Season
Daily Life - 2006 (OVA)
Ranking: 288

Summer has arrived, and the students of Lillian Girls&apos. (Source: Right Stuf Anime)



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With its recent license announced, I've put in the preorder for all three seasons. The show simply has that much going for it, it'd be a shame to miss it, and encouraging companies to go for more niche titles should be always be considered a good thing. Don't let this show be another Princess Tutu, that's all I ask. - ThemAnime


Ultimately, it’s fair to expect the same tone, slow pace and focus on characters and relationships of these OVAs as that we saw in the other Marimite series. However, for major plot progress, and Yumi coming closer to choosing a petite souer, we’re unfortunately going to have to wait for the upcoming TV series. - Nihon Review





1. Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th (TV)



3. Maria-sama ga Miteru Haru (TV)



2. Maria-sama ga Miteru (OVA)



4. Maria-sama ga Miteru (TV)



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