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Minami-ke Okaeri

Minami-ke Okaeri

Comedy, Daily Life - 2009 (TV)
Ranking: 606

A year has passed since Okawari and the 3 sisters have grown up. Their likings and mods are almost the same, Haruka the older sister is a love-giving mother to the younger sisters, but shes also a discipline follower, Kana the middle one leaves everything to the last possible moment and always gives trouble to this trio, and Chiaki the little one is the calculating and manipulating one, she likes to be admired and loved by Haruka and always gives trouble to the less blessed Kana. An unbalanced family, but besides of that they love each other with their whole heart. This familys daily life is as funny as ever, trouble and love is always present, now its time to see if theyll survive this age change since Haruka is now a Young adult and she has even more responsabilities while having to watch over the younger while integrating to the adult life. (Source: ANN)



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The third season stays truer to the original spirit of Minamike, but this is probably its most fatal flaw: with no real new content and lacking animation, I can not consider Okaeri anything more than a cheaper, budget knock-off of the original Minamike. Don’. - Nihon Review


Funnily enough, they actually tried changing the hair lines briefly in one PART of an episode where they had the classic across the hair, akin to season one. - MyAnimeList (Notshane)





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