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My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead OVA

My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead OVA

Comedy, Action, Daily Life - 2017 (OVA)

For the most part this episode – as most OAVs are – is comedy-driven. But the most interesting element for me is Romero’s (love the name) quirk, which is to emit a pink gas which temporarily turns everyone who breathes it in into a zombie. And we pretty much follow Romero rules here, as brain activity shuts down, strength becomes super, and anyone bitten likewise turns into a zombie. The funny bit is that everyone keeps using their quirk in random fashion (which means they maintain a kind of afterimage of their personality). And when All Might tries to put a stop to the out-of-control exercise but realizes he can’t hold his hero form, the other students think he’s a zombie too. And the piece de resistance is, so do the zombies. (




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