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Ongaku Shoujo

Ongaku Shoujo

Daily Life, Drama, Shoujo-Ai - 2015 (Movie)
Ranking: 2208

Eri, a girl who likes to stay indoors, meets a mysterious but enthusiastic transfer student named Haru. Eri used to love to sing and Haru loves Eris singing. The story follows the two during one summer of their high school life as their love sometimes overlaps and sometimes passes by each other. (Source: ANN)



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Is it worth the 20 minutes of your life? In my opinion: yes, absolutely even if only for the colors and the liveliness of the art. - MyAnimeList (Oiimn)


Two girls with a passion for music,one composed but she ashamed to sing in public, other one like to make show but isn't a good singer when sing alone, united grow their skills. - Anime-Planet (Kamahal)



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