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Tari Tari

Tari Tari

Daily Life, Drama, Comedy - 2012 (TV)
Ranking: 1266

Konatsu Miyamoto was rejected to sing with the other members of her chorus club by the teacher because she was missing something special. Being her last year in high school, she felt like doing something crazy: She quit. In the place of her former club, Konatsu comes up with the idea to make a new chorus club, inviting the people around her to join. With dreams in each of the members hearts, they live out their high school lives. (Source: ANN)



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Nihon Review







Overall, I was pretty disappointed by Tari Tari, which is full of platitudes and melodrama but lacking in most other respects. There are music anime out there in which the actual music is much, much better, and dramas in which the trials and tribulations the characters face are far less contrived-seeming than this, and that makes it very hard for me to recommend it. - ThemAnime


It is definitely not the most ambitious of shows, but Tari Tari cannot be questioned for mailing it in. The show is a great testament to the idea that something does not have to be unique to be enjoyable. Its enjoyment starts with the earnestness of the intent, and ends with the quality of execution, both of which Tari Tari puts on full display. - Nihon Review



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