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Konbini Kareshi

Konbini Kareshi

AKA: Convenience Store Boy Friends
Daily Life, Romance - 2017 (TV)
Ranking: 2496

Mishima Haruki and his friend Honda Towa begin attending Aokisora High School. While they each have a girl theyre interested in, there are no signs of a relationship starting for either of them. As they awkwardly make it through each day, they meet their classmate Sasaki Nagisa and their seniors Asumi Natsu, Nakajima Mikado, Sakurakoji Masamune and others, and their thoughts and feelings begin to intertwine. Its the road everyone follows at least once, the story of a pure love racing through the moment. (Source: Crunchy Roll)



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It's a going-through-the-motions romantic drama with two male leads who BOTH make you want to beat some sense into them with a baseball bat, and two girls without much fire or spirit in their souls at all. I'll go 3 stars rather than 2 here, though, mainly because I love the opening song THAT much. - ThemAnime


Now I got an unbalanced, below average animated romance anime that could have been so much more. So overall I'm going to rate Konbini Kareshi at 2,5 stars. It wasn't as bad as for instance Sagrada Reset which I just wanted to stop watching but it was such a disappointment. Shame on you Studio Pierrot. - Anime-Planet (JVAnimeReviews)



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